Family Tree is the brainchild of Skyler Hill (leader, composer, guitar), featuring Isabel Crespo (voice), Emilio Mesa (saxophone), Aaron Dutton (saxophone), Brandon Broussard (bass), and Connor Kent (drums). Our studio album is set to be released in 2019, but below you can find a video from one of our recent shows!

My composition, "(dear ornette)," is featured in the Contemporary Art Museum of Houston's trailer for their Jennie C. Jones exhibit. I'm so excited that they stumbled upon my music and even more excited about how perfect the pairing of this art and music. Here is what the CAMH says about the exhibit:

Through exhaustive research and imaginative talent, Jennie C. Jones brings to light the unlikely parallels that emerged between the visual arts and jazz during the social and cultural upheavals in the late 1950s. A resistance to tradition in favor of experimentation gave rise to an avant-garde in the visual arts and in jazz. These imprints exist as tangible markers of social evolution and political strivings. The Contemporary Arts Museum Houston is pleased to present the mid-career survey "Jennie C. Jones: Compilation," which chronicles Jones's practice over an eleven-year period and includes the artist's iconic Acoustic Paintings, early works on paper, sculpture, and sound works. The exhibition will debut a suite of new Acoustic Paintings along with site-specific installations created for her presentation at CAMH.

I'm proud to share this video of Adrian Aguirre's choreography to my composition, "Constructed Reality." It features him and the lovely Jennifer Nelson, both dance students at SMU, as well as Anna Jalkéus on her amazing solo and the rest of my band on the ensemble outro. This was performed as part of the SMU's Brown Bag Dance Series Showcase. Enjoy!